Supply Chain Logistics Program

Our Supply Chain Logistics Program course teaches you the essential skills and knowledge needed to start your career in the growing industry of supply chain & logistics. 

About the Course

The course will also introduce students to concepts such as Lockout or Tagout, Machine Guarding, and Ergonomics. Additionally, students will also be given information about Electrical Safety, Emergency Action Plan, Safety and Health Programs, and Asbestos in the Workplace. The instructor will also cover Hazardous Substances and Industrial Hygiene, COVID Awareness and protocol, and OSHA Recordkeeping as well. Students will be able to complete the class within a 96-hour timeframe, or in three weeks’ time. After course completion, students will be able to confidently carry out their responsibilities, ensure standard and safety protocols, and assist with the efficiency of the supply chain.

The 5 Certifications

that each student will receive after their full completion of the course and a government background check are:

The topics that will be taught in this course will include:

Our security guard course teaches you the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a protection specialist. 

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The Benefits of AEI's Supply Chain Logistics Program

  • 100% online
  • only 3 weeks long
  • approx. 96 hours to complete
  • 5 certification
  • students will have all the certifications needed to advance in the Logistics field
  • students will have all the basic skills needed for successful employment as logistics professionals

Logitics Salary & Career Information

Logistics professionals do important and extremely critical work. Without them, business production, operation, and efficiency would not be possible, let alone, be able to flourish. That is because individuals in this particular industry focus on and handle the transportation, distribution, and storage aspect of all of a particular business’s goods and materials. They keep the supply chain running smoothly and maintain business goals, performance, and success. This includes whether or not a company meets their production quotas and whether or not their products are delivered to their customers at the appropriate time. Using their knowledge, skills, and background in planning and distribution, these essential workers ensure a relationship between a healthy and successful business and a happy and satisfied customer base.

The average salary range for this type of career can range anywhere from $45,000 to $46,000 per year, according to Glassdoor and Payscale, and largely depends on the location and title of the position. Note that these numbers can increase depending on a job candidate’s experience level, possession of specific certifications and degrees, and job promotion. With the certifications that students will acquire after completing this AEI Logistics course, they will be able to pursue positions as logistics professionals across various settings and industries, such as warehouses, supermarkets, and small businesses. Furthermore, opportunities to pursue management, analyst, and engineer positions in this field are also possible.

Here are some additional potential professional pathways one can pursue after receiving these certifications. Keep in mind that our programs are just a stepping stone for students to get their career started. It is not a comprehensive program that will make it possible to acquire all of these positions; however, it is a way to get a foot into the door with some experience and knowledge in a candidate’s repertoire.

Please be aware that the salaries available in this file are based on the national average. For a more accurate number, please do additional research to find the average or precise salary in your respective area or for a specific position.

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