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Our security guard course teaches you the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a protection specialist. 

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About the Course

The course will introduce students to concepts such as Power to arrest, W.M.D, and terrorism awareness. Additionally, students will also be given information about chemical agents, arrest, and search & seizure. The instructor will also cover firearms training, COVID protocol, and public relations as well. Students will be able to complete the training within an 80-hour timeframe, or in two weeks’ time. After course completion, students will be able to confidently ensure and dutifully protect the safety of property, employees, and residents as well as effectively serve the community.

Disclaimer:  Due to the nature of this accelerated course, we again would like to remind you that once enrolled, you cannot miss ANY day of class as that would mean missing 8 hours of lecture and material; thus preventing your timely completion of the class. This course covers a vast range of security concepts, approaches, and tools, including providing students with all the certifications needed to advance in the security field.

The 7 Certifications

that each student will receive after their full completion of the course and a government background check are:

Security Guard Career & Salary Info

In May 2021, the median annual wages for security guards in the top industries in which they worked were as follows:

Security guards, also called security officers, protect property, enforce rules on the property, and deter criminal activity. Some guards are assigned a stationary position from which they monitor alarms or surveillance cameras. Other guards are assigned a patrol area where they conduct security checks.

Guards and officers must stay alert, watching for anything unusual. In an emergency, they are required to contact police, fire, or ambulance services. Some security guards carry firearms.

Security guards work wherever people and assets need to be protected. Responsibilities vary by employer. In offices and factories, for example, security guards protect workers and equipment and check the credentials of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises. In retail stores, guards protect people, merchandise, money, and equipment. They may work with undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers and employees, detain shoplifting suspects until the police arrive, and patrol parking lots.

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The Benefits of AEI's Security Training Program

  • 7 certificates
  • only 2 weeks long
  • approx. 88 hours to complete
  • students will have all the certifications needed to advance in the security field
  • students will have all skills needed for successful employment as security officers

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